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students of scienceThe ACE Program
Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), Tactile Learning Adventures, the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind (CSDB), and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania are interested in reaching all teachers and students with the very best in research-based educational products and services for students with visual impairments.

ACE and NASA Missions
As part of its work with NASA, McREL has engaged in the education and public outreach efforts for NASA’s Discovery mission Genesis and Deep Impact. As part of our goal of increasing opportunities for typically underserved and underrepresented student populations to gain access to and engage in higher level science and mathematics, McREL has initiated the Adapted Curriculum Enhancement (ACE).

To achieve our goal of increasing opportunities with the Genesis mission, McREL presents the first in a series of modules adapted for students with visual impairments. Evolving Universe is a unit of study focused on the origins of the universe. Feel the Impact, a new module for the Deep Impact mission, is a unit of study focused on comets and their role in understanding the early solar systems

Visualizing Science with ACE
McREL, in collaboration with Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, will develop a framework designed to help teachers improve the science knowledge and inquiry skills of students with visual impairments. This framework, Visualizing Science with Adapted Curriculum Enhancements (ACE), will help general education science teachers and special education teachers of students in grades 6-12 support students with visual impairments as they “visualize” abstract science concepts in their mind’s eye. The primary purpose of this project is to fully develop research-based resources for the ACE framework. Development efforts will undergo extensive internal and external review before being taken to scale and such formative research is considered imperative to ensure long-term sustainability of the developed products and services. The goal of the research conducted as a part of this grant will be to provide formative feedback on the utility, relevance, and quality of the Visualizing Science with ACE framework.

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