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The main question when we are going to play mobile casino games! Which method is better and how to make the final decision to get this done. It's the same situation when it comes to online gambling.
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The only two methods for online gaming are when we download and install the app or play in our mobile browser like Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome or some other.

To understand the situation it's better to see what are the pros and cons. However, they are not limited to those below so you can add your own at any time. Just do it on other place because here you can only leave a comment about that.

The mobile casino platforms

First of all let's see what means a mobile gaming place. Actually it's always an application. This can start to sound freaky but it's true. Always the mobile casino is available through an app. The difference between these two options is how to access the games.

Why they are always apps? The mobile OS for any device like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Windows phone, Lenovo, Blackberry or any other popular brand, is optimized for mobile phones or tablets. To play games such device it's required to use mobile-friendly games. That's why it's the same situation.

Maybe it will become more clear when it's explain why there is an option for download, what's the future and how to resolve the problem of this situation.

The mobile applications

They are a software or product made with specific type of programming or mobile development. It's a serious business because every OS has its own requirements, technical features, screen size and so on. To use a get that fits perfectly your mobile is something very hard.

Since the apps are built by professionals why I need to install them at all? Maybe we should think about the App Store first because they are the source of these small programs.

The App Stores are so many right now. We can find the popular iTunes, Apple AppStore, Google Play, Blackberry World, Windows Mobile, Samsung Hub and many more. Each company prefers to have their own store.

We think that the main reason is to approve the applications and cover the legal stuff. It's safer to download app because it's authorized not to harm your device. In the world of daily hacks and billions of threats online it's something good.

Once the app is not approved there is some kind of risk if it's delivered by not enough trusted site, especially gambling casino that requires all your personal information and payment details.

All this is very important and we need to pass through it to make the next step. However, download a non-authorized app is not a good idea at all, it's not know what will happen, how it will be updated, what's required, is there something dangerous, etc.

Many people say that Android and iOS are 100% safe because their backbone is Linux and Unix. OK, but there are so many threats for them too. If you type in any search engine it's easy to see how many dangerous things you can find, even viruses.

The mobile casino sites

Now, this one is really simple. There is nothing new here. We are all well informed about websites and what they are, how each browser work and so on. If it's something pretty new there are millions of useful sources of information for that matter.

They are much safer because they don't have any access to your device, nothing installed, no downloads, no background work, nothing unusual. However, there is web caching and third programs that requires some software but it's not the same like installing another software.

You can access the casino directly through your web browser and play instantly. Just login and play. The casino is responsible to keep your information safe and deliver secured interface to enter the gaming lobby.

What's the difference between them

Now, it's time to explain the pros and cons in details and decide by yourself which method is the future for you. Beware that many companies work to create browser apps and replace the 'old school' types of applications that you know now.

Download app

  • - only approved by App Store
  • - save mobile date and work faster
  • - no risk to crash your browser
  • - requires more space to be installed
  • - may have access to some device functions and files
  • - requires to have an account at App Store and stay in the history of your account
  • - the app developer may see your name, phone, email address and location (country)
  • - software tracking of your gaming and other stuff
  • - need to install the app on all your mobile devices

Mobile casino website

  • - it requires more mobile data
  • - you can access it from any computer, mobile, tablet
  • - easy to test any game without download – just sign up or play in free mode
  • - it's faster to see each casino and what are the offers
  • - less software requirements to get best gaming experience
  • - less tracking of your activity
  • - less sharing of personal information
  • - possible to play at illegal site for your country
  • - not possible to write reviews to express your experience
  • - less options to report the casino

You can think about that. It's serious and once you understand the process it's easier to decide. A good practice is to share this information with your mates and ask for advice. There are more casino players out there than you think, they just don't talk about that.

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